The wine racking

Around the wine, This month's Article

This is not a strawberry sorbet… But rather the wine racking stage that we started at La Clausade!

According to the Revue des Vins de France, racking is “a full-scale decantation, a “clean-up” of the wine, which is essential to promote its evolution in the best conditions. The purpose of racking is to separate the wine from its lees during its maturation”.

But what are the lees? The lees are a deposit that forms at the bottom of the vats or barrels containing wine.

The racking of the wine is a primordial manipulation, which allowed us to eliminate the deposits present in the wine. These deposits are made up of fermentation residues, but also of tartar which can accumulate at the bottom of the vat. This operation allows us to avoid deviations, whether aromatic or olfactory and to keep control over the evolution of our wines.

Indeed, the racking of the wine at La Clausade has made possible, thanks to very precise chemical reactions, the formation of aromas, and the maturation of tannins. The manipulation will also allow fixing the color of the wine, but also to eliminate the excess of carbonic gas. We have undertaken this operation after tasting with our oenologist Matthieu Lequeux.

We will soon talk about blending, being the next step of the wine-making process, so stay tuned!

While waiting to discover our 2021 vintage, visit our e-cave to taste our white and rosé wines in organic conversion of 2020!